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Wavy Edge Cedar Lap Siding

Live edge slabs

Merry Christmas Eve to all our BMR customers. I wanted to share about our live edge slabs. We have a rotating stock of sizes and specie. Most slabs are around 2-3 inches thick and around 8′ tall (some are longer/shorter or thicker/thinner). At the time of this post we have Douglas Fir, Black Walnut, Cedar, Redwood, Sequoia, Pine, Alder, Ash and White Oak. Please keep in mind we do sell quite a few of these discounted slabs so we don’t always have each size or specie. BMR does our very best to keep these priced low for your project needs. Some of the slabs are kiln dried, however most are air dried. Currently we have some cool pieces that would make great a Mantle or large rustic shelf.

Wood Boxes now in-stock

Just arrived this week is a new selection of wood boxes. These boxes are made locally with various species of wood from BMR (mostly Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar). They are handmade and are nice and rustic. Many of the boxes have a nice grey patina on the wood. Various sizes of width, depth and height. They range in price from around $7.00 to the most expensive being $24.00 (most are in the $12.00-$19.00 range). These boxes are great for decoration, holding and organizing household items such as DVD’s, remotes, books, toys and much more. You could even use these in the garage, shop, barn or your RV for a cute rustic look. Some of our creative customers have even used them as center pieces for their wedding, birthday part or other party ideas.

Brand new MDF trim in-stock

BMR Swag now in stock

Versetta Stone – Stone Masonry at Half Price & Easy to Install

We are now an outlet for Versetta Stone! A new quality money saving product that gives you the beauty of stone with the simplicity of siding. Come check out our display of this amazing product.

This product is about $12.50 a square foot for the materials and can be installed quickly as it is mortar-less and attaches quickly with screws. It is engineered to prevent water intrusion issues. You could expect to pay $25 or more per square foot installed if using the traditional masonry applied product. Versetta Stone cuts that in half. What a savings! Since this quality product comes in small manageable sizes it is easy to repair any physical damage that could occur in the future and the installation goes up fast even by the first time user.

This material looks so very good, no one will know it is not traditional rock masonry and we believe it is superior for much less money.


Take a Virtual Tour of our Store

If you haven’t been in for awhile (or ever) here is a video glimpse of what we have! Thanks for watching! (Video credit- Lewis Ciokiewicz)

We have Shiplap!

We have shiplap for the wall covering project you’ve been wanting to do! From gray weathered barn-wood to smooth white primed MDF… Maybe just a traditional rustic knotty-pine is more your style? Come on in and see what else you can find to match your taste and budget!!!

BMR Wineroom

These photos are from one of our loyal customer’s wine room. The whole room is built out of VG Western Red Cedar and Meranti that he purchased in entirety here from BMR. Even the drawer fronts and arch above the mirror is crafted from cedar. This room is spectacular and the aroma of cedar delightful.