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Versetta Stone – Stone Masonry at Half Price & Easy to Install

We are now an outlet for Versetta Stone! A new quality money saving product that gives you the beauty of stone with the simplicity of siding. Come check out our display of this amazing product.

This product is about $12.50 a square foot for the materials and can be installed quickly as it is mortar-less and attaches quickly with screws. It is engineered to prevent water intrusion issues. You could expect to pay $25 or more per square foot installed if using the traditional masonry applied product. Versetta Stone cuts that in half. What a savings! Since this quality product comes in small manageable sizes it is easy to repair any physical damage that could occur in the future and the installation goes up fast even by the first time user.

This material looks so very good, no one will know it is not traditional rock masonry and we believe it is superior for much less money.


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  • Greg says:

    Just to say Hi! to Daniel from casual friend Greg, met at wood B auction years ago. I’ll be comin in for some poly roof panels very shortly. To all, stay healthy and safe in these troubled times, best to you and god bless.

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