Alaska Yellow Cedar

Alaska Yellow Cedar (AYC) is one of the softwoods we carry that most people have never heard of- most wood workers become addicted to it once they use it. Wood connoisseurs and those who’ve had the chance to work with it, typically are surprised to find out that we carry and stock several dimensional variations. 

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Alaska Yellow Cedar (cupressus nootkatensis)

Popular with boat builders, wood carvers, and coastal construction, it is a popular choice for it’s strength/ density/ decay resistance. The fiber turns a nice silver/ grey color as it patinas and is a popular choice for shingle siding on coastal homes. The slow growth and density allows for easily working with hand and machine tools. Traditionally used by natives for paddles, masks, dishes, bows, and other related items.

This species has been considered one of the finest timber trees in the world and has a long history of exportation to China/ Japan due to it’s high quality.

We have an ever changing inventory of this sought-after species. Please call or e-mail for current availability/ pricing.