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Fir Beadboard Ceiling, wall covering & Flooring 12 cents foot, CVG, FG

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An unbelievable Low Low price on real solid wood T & G for Walls, Ceilings and Floor coverings. Many use this for counter, table tops, signs and art projects. Over a dozen choices in ways to panel your project at the Lowest Prices!
We have over 16 options in tongue and groove and shiplap lumber board at the lowest prices. Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar in rustic and sometimes Sauna Grade CVG, Alaska Yellow cedar, beetle kill blue stain pine and MORE! Also find the lowest prices on doors, hardware, cedar fence and decking, fence supplies, bead board, millwork trim, MDF and so much more material at the lowest prices.
**Featured Item:
Just 12 cents per linear foot on 5/8″ X 4″ Beaded Ceiling or 1 X 4 flooring, see next paragraph. You must buy a full unit (see 2nd photo) to get the 12 cent price in 3 to 5 foot long pieces rustic grade of approx 1900 linear foot on the bead board. It is still only 26 cents linear foot when buying less than a full unit or by the piece which is still less than 1/2 price of retail! Traditional reversible V edge on one side and Beadboard design on the other side. Beadboard is Net 5/8″ X 3-1/8″ coverage. It takes 3.8 linear foot to cover 1 square foot of this particular profile of the beaded ceiling. This grade of material may have some larger knots or other character issues but usually 90% plus usable if you trim but many of the pieces are clear and usable as is. It is a great unbelievable value.
Douglas Fir Flooring starting at only 12 cents per linear foot for 1 X 4. That is only 46 cents a square foot for heavy utility grade but lots of clear CVG mixed in, you must buy a full unsorted unit of about 200 – 260 square foot at this liquidation price, or pick through an open unit for just 26 cents a linear foot. 3 to 5 foot long assortment and many of the pieces are clear and other may have larger knots you can trim out or other character issues. Other options on Fir flooring too in clear, rustic or old mill 3-1/4 coverage. Huge inventory.**
Also Ship lap, Tongue and Groove for wall, ceiling and floor coverings. Douglas Fir T & G, Alaska Yellow T & G, beaded ceiling, bead board, wainscot and many other options. Literally the largest choice in these products you will ever see. We also have many choices in Douglas Fir Flooring, beadboard, and other tongue and groove products always at LOW prices. Get that ship lap look or paneling look for your wall and ceiling.
Many options available for the popular ship lap or panel look. Available often in Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Pine, Spruce and Alaska Yellow Cedar.
See the largest door collection at over 1400 doors on our warehouse floor to view. Of course low discount prices.
Kitchen and bathroom knobs, pulls and handles in nickel, bronze and cast iron. These are priced well below retail many over 50% off.
Composition Roofing is something we get in A grade at times. Call for details, the prices are low.
Barn Doors and barn door industrial look rollers and track. An amazing value and collection with Custom doors built to order.
Architectural Stone, check out the photo. We are a stocking dealer of Boral Versetta Stone. An easy to install like siding product that ends up costing about 50% of other stone if you install, and its easy. Check it out at
Wood shingles, Lap siding, Stair treads, stairway and guardrail / handrail components, Deck screws and roofing screws for metal roofing, and so much more you have to take the 4 hour tour to see it all.
We are a small family owned Business and try our very best to help you solve your Building Material needs.
Just a short Drive from Sherwood form I-5 or 99-W, well worth the drive according to all the returning contractors and home owners who truly recognize value and service.
We are starting our 11th year in Business helping our customers come in way under budget on their projects. And now special order doors, windows mill work and it continues to grow thanks to you.
Daniel, Olivia and our crew Say’s “Thank You” Its our great and faithful customers that we appreciate, so join us in making your project beautiful, creative and costing you less.