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Garden Bed & Box CEDAR .98 foot, Trellises $2 each & MORE Garden Stuff

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Headquarters for Planter boxes, Raised Bed and Garden Box Material at LOW prices! MANY OPTIONS!
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Trellises $2 each . Diamond 16″ X 16″ with 16″ stakes. CVG Western Red Cedar. Liquidation priced
Lots of low priced options for trellises and arbors made from Clear CVG Western Red Cedar,.
98 cents per linear foot for 6 to 8 foot long kerf back decking 2 X 6 in a utility grade for raised bed or garden boxes. More options on Red Cedar up to 2 X 12 and more discounted to save you money.
Buy the full unit for an additional discount!
Also composite material is sometimes available
So many options in RED CEDAR 1 x 1 to 2 X 12 you might have a hard time making up your mind due to the low prices and vast inventory! Also so much more discounted Building material we often become your favorite place to shop and treasure hunt.
Make you own creations out of our HUGE selection of Red Cedar and other indoor and outdoor wood species, always at the low prices!
Get an early start on Raised Bed Gardening at the lowest prices.
Red Cedar
This is a kerf back Red Cedar Decking board that we have been selling for eight years in a utility grade. This material sells really fast. Get a head start as Summer is coming soon, and fresh produce is in your future.
Many thrifty customers even use this material to build a modest deck. Being utility grade it may have some cracking that is usually not structural or a larger knot, knot hole or a soft knot. It certainly grows great veggies and flowers.
For just $1.79 per foot you can get this material in a great looking appearance grade board. This material will certainly build a Blue Ribbon awarding Garden raised Bed too. Many drive 100’s of miles and more to save thousands of dollars on their decks and other Cedar projects.
Our family owned business welcomes you to save a lot of money on more than just your deck or garden box and bed projects. Our inventory of doors, millwork, CVG fir, Hemlock and Cedar quite frankly overwhelm the first time visitor especially when you see the low cost of our products. Even doors by the 1000’s, deck screws at the lowest prices and so much more you have to see it to believe it. Our mission is to save you lots of money on all your current and future projects. Join the regular home owners and builders who know how to save substantial money here.
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