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MDF / PinePrimed Trim, Casing & Base and MORE Wholesale to Public

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Savings on our Building Material gets you in way under budget on your current and future projects.
Discover the best kept secret getting MDF, Real Solid Wood for interior base, casing and MORE.
Also Discounted Cedar Decking Boards, Composite Decking and Deck screws, 1000’s of doors and door components like jambs, sill thresholds, weather strip and hinges, locks and locksets, Douglas Fir flooring and wall coverings including bead board / wains cott / beaded ceiling plus other tongue and groove in cedar, hemlock, spruce and pine, also beetle kill Blue stain Pine in S4S and T & G. So much more it takes many first timers hours just to do the tour of good deals.
Check out the big corporate store prices then come see us and $ave.
MDF Primed S4S eased edge on two sides, all new A Grade in 8 and 12 foot long in stock.
Sold by the lineal foot.
1 X 2 / 29 cents
1 X 3 / 42 cents
1 X 4 / 54 cents
1 X 6 / 84 cents
1 X 8 / $1.19
1 X 10 / $1.46
1 X 12 / $1.79
Sierra Base 5 1/4″ / 99 cents
7 1/4″ / $1.29
Colonial 2 1/4″ /35 cents
Crown molding 3 1/4″ or 3 5/8″ / 68 cents
4 1/4″ / 89 cents
5 1/4″ / $1.29
Fluted 5 1/4″ / 69 cents
3 1/4″ / 49 cents also have 77″ tall for just $2.49 a stick
Opening Bead 39 cents
Architrive 3 3/4 inch / $1.10
5 1/4 inch / $1.29
Feel free to call as we have or can get other profiles and sizes, always at the low low prices.
We also have many choices in Douglas Fir Flooring, beadboard, and other tongue and groove products always at LOW prices. Get that shiplap look or paneling look for your wall and ceiling. Many options available for the popular ship lap or panel look. Available often in Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Pine, Spruce and Alaska Yellow Cedar
Hardwood! We now have an expanded Hardwood department to save you money on white and red Oak, rustic Hickory, Knotty Alder, Poplar, Eastern Ash, Cherry, rustic Walnut and maybe more. This inventory fluctuates so come in and check it out or call for details. Also other exotic wood like Tennessee Red Aromatic Cedar and Alaska Yellow. Such low prices you might think we made a mistake.
Our mission and goal is to Save You Money on all your Building Material Needs. Why continue to pay retail or lightly discounted prices when you can have a pleasurable experience at BMR in Sherwood. Every day we save home owners and builders $1000’s of dollars off their budget.
Our Family owned business welcomes you. A huge “Thank You” from Olivia, Stefan and Daniel.