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Save on Cedar Decking Deck Boards 99 cents to $1.79 & more materials!

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Your going to come in way under Budget on more than just your Deck project on Kerf Back Western Red Cedar.

We have had this decking lumber material available for years and many repeat customers drive 100’s of miles or more to save $1000’s of dollars on their deck project along with all the other discount material we offer such as CVG Cedar, hemlock and Douglas Fir, the largest door department you have ever seen featuring over 1400 doors on the warehouse floor for liquidation. Such low low prices on wooden 2 x 6 deck material and more options such as 5/4 material !

There is so much more please check our website and take a flying drone tour to see the vast inventory selling at such low prices.

$1.79 linear foot for appearance grade 2×6. Not all lengths may be available on certain days due to sell out. These are nice boards and have minor defects on the sides or bottom of the board if any.

98 cents per linear foot for Utility Grade 6 and 8 foot long. Trim out defects for a deck made out of shorter pieces but most use these for other projects like garden boxes and raised beds. Some build green houses or agricultural building with it.


Also Vinyl windows and patio Sliders at low prices. Discounted Hinges, door jambs, peep holes, locks, knobs and locksets, weather stripping and sill jambs

Feel free to call to check inventory, but if you have never been to BMR (Building Material Resources) you have to see the huge warehouse and outside yard to believe it. Also the largest collection of CVG Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and Alaska Yellow.

Hardwood Lumber available often in Black Walnut, Calico Walnut, White and Red Oak, Camaru, Batu, Poplar, Knotty Alder and often more not listed here.
Remember, We sell out of some species sometimes so call first if it matters to you.

Huge selection of Wood Slabs too!

Also: some hardwood selections BUT this inventory varies and changes daily so this is a treasure hunt selection.
Maple, oak, walnut , Knotty Pine and MORE.

Beetle Kill Blue stain Pine in T & G and dimensional Lumber at really low prices.

The largest selection of T & G you have ever seen in many species of Tongue and Groove.

Our family owned Business thanks those of you who frequent our store, making us successful and grow the last 12 plus years. WE invite you, PLEASE Come and join the repeat customers who say Building Material Resources is their favorite place to shop! Put an end to paying retail so you can come in under budget on all your current and future projects.