•  We found this company through their Craigslist ads. I am a photographer and was looking for some antique windows to do a project with, so my wife and I stopped in last Saturday. We were amazing by the sheer size and inventory they had. They have everything from windows and doors, to glass cubes and reclaimed wood. The prices are very low and fair, the staff was very friendly and helpful! We will be back, not just for projects but for anything and everything we could find at home depot, we can find for half the price here! Thank you very much!
  •  A great place to find both New and Used building materials at terribly decent prices. I expect I will go back over and over again.
    Doug Coates
  •  There was an outstanding amount off quality materials and things to store in my mind for future building and woodworking. It was aby truly magnificant colabory of fibor filled fun searching threw this place. Now my options for projects are endless.
  •  I'm renovating a 1910 farmhouse in Vancouver and we found all our doors at BMR. Julie was invaluable during that process. We also found all the paint grade trim and stair components to refinish our stairs. Not to mention a jack plane and some odds and ends. I love this place it has saved me so much money
    Dean Cunningham